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We work with CMOs, Marketing Directors and their teams to craft insight and analysis that informs strategic marketing plans.

We believe the root of all good marketing plans is context – intelligence on the customers you serve, the markets you target and the competition you face.

This is where we come in, using a combination of strategic analysis and market research techniques to deliver useful, valuable insight.

How can we help you?

  • On customers:
    • What are their needs and wants and what role does your offering play in satisfying these?
    • How do they act, how is this changing and why do they act in this way?
    • What is driving customer loyalty or costing you repeat business?
    • What is stopping some potential customers from converting?
    • How should you segment your customers?
  • On markets:
    • How large are the markets you are looking to serve?
    • Where is the greatest revenue or profit opportunity within these markets? Is it where you think?
    • How large are opportunities in adjacent markets?
    • How healthy are your markets and how are they growing? What challenges do they face?
  • On competitors:
    • Who are your biggest competitors?
    • How strong are those competitors and how do they overlap with your offering(s)?
    • How do your customers – existing, lapsed and potential – perceive the value of your product(s) relative to those of competitors?

With your context fully understood, you can confidently go on to formulate your marketing objectives, develop your marketing strategies, prepare action plans and determine how you will track performance.

We measure our projects in days and weeks, rather than months, so whether you need us for a couple of weeks or a couple of days, we can help.

10 ways we can help you

Here’s a selection of ways in which we can help you tackle your to-do list. Click on each one for a bit more detail on how we can help.

How many of your customers are new vs returning? How many transactions do they complete?
And how much revenue do they represent? How is this changing over time, and why?

Many companies have a top-level understanding of loyalty and retention, but to really understand loyalty you need to be able to track with accuracy a single customer from transaction to transaction.

We can clean your data and work with incomplete data sets to create an accurate picture of customer loyalty.

Once we know WHAT is going on, we can begin to ask WHY. That is where we typically identify opportunities for growth.

There are lots of ways to gauge and track customer satisfaction, but which is the most reliable and which is the most appropriate for your product.

You might have implemented the Net Promoter System, but you’re not sure you’re making the most of it. Or maybe you’re curious to know whether it would work for your business.

We can help you think about the best way to monitor satisfaction and make sure you do so in a way that results in change.

We can also help you think about the customer journey and how the customer experience can be improved to drive growth.

Companies that objectively interrogate why leads don’t convert, achieve higher conversion rates than those that don’t. However, a study by Gartner, the IT advisory firm, found only a third of its clients did so.

Sales teams can capture information on why potential customers don’t convert, but in our experience this data is typically unstructured and lacks enough depth to be useful.

Additionally, by allowing these lost customers to talk to a third party, it’s possible to eke out honest feedback that you might not get from somebody close to the sale.

The first challenge is to identify why potential customers don’t convert. The second challenge is identify what you can do differently that would persuade those customers to do business with you in the future.

To do this kind of project well, you first need a clear picture of where your customers are churning. What did they look like? What were they buying? How frequently? How did they behave?

Once you’re clear WHAT’s happened, you can seek to find out WHY. Just as with potential customers that don’t convert, there’s real value in doing this in an objective and structured way that gives you responses that are meaningful and can be acted upon.

How well do you really understand your customers’ needs and wants?

It’s tempting to rely upon adhoc conversations with customers or anecdotal feedback, but to get a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ needs and wants, you need to take a more structured approach.

A project to identify needs and wants gives confidence that you are working towards the genuine needs and wants of your customers. It will also provide a depth of feedback that can be difficult to achieve through adhoc conversations alone.

This kind of work can also flag up trends in how your customers are changing and how their needs are changing.

You probably have a view on the customer segments you’re looking to target, but which is the most attractive segment?

We use data to form a view of your markets and then apply a set of assumptions to model the likely profit opportunities in different parts of those markets.

This kind of project can help businesses prioritise their marketing activity or win the support of senior leaders for strategic change.

We can help you size a market you’re thinking of entering, gauging the scale of the market and identifying how that market is growing (or declining).

We can also conduct intelligent, structured, in-depth interviews with experts in your chosen market to provide greater context.

The attractiveness of markets is a function of their size and how fast they are growing.

Knowing the former is a good start, but having a view on the latter is crucial if you’re going to confidently create a strategy for your company’s growth.

We can help conduct a review of research on your industry, as well as conduct interviews with industry experts to add context.

An accurate mapping of your competitors can be a valuable exercise in getting a clear view of where the greatest competitive threat lies.

It can also unearth emerging competitive threats and ease fears where a competitor is declining or becoming less relevant.

We can conduct desk research to map your markets and supplement, where useful, with further primary research.

Investors rate a clear view of the market opportunity as one of the most important factors in a successful pitch for investment.

That view needs to be credible too, backed up by a solid process to gauge the profit opportunity for your business.

We can model your markets to provide a market view that will optimise your chances of success in pitching to potential investors.

Let’s make a start

If you’re interested in understanding a bit more about how we could help you, our complimentary Customers and Markets Audit is a good starting point.

The Audit is a mini appraisal of what you currently know about your customers and markets – and how this fits with your current priorities.

It starts with a brief call and, if you’re happy to proceed, we’ll set up a 2-3 hour session where we’ll have a deeper chat, possibly including members of your team to get a full picture of your activity.

We’ll then analyse our findings and report back, identifying any gaps in your knowledge and suggestions for what you can do to plug those gaps.

If you would like to find out more, simply get in touch or book a call to get started.

Our experience

Picture of Joe Bolger at Intellexo

Joe Bolger
Joe has spent ten years working in business and marketing strategy roles, overseeing projects to gauge customer satisfaction, lower customer churn, improve existing products and develop new ones. He also has experience in market sizing and market validation, strategic planning and competitor analysis.

He has worked in group strategy teams at Guardian Media Group, the newspaper publisher, and Ascential, the FTSE 250 business-to-business media company. He was latterly Digital and Insight Director in Ascential’s exhibitions division, where he oversaw marketing strategy for all digital channels and drove customer and marketing understanding for brand teams.

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