Intellexo helps companies create insight-driven marketing strategies.

What we do

Intellexo brings together the finest elements of market research and strategic analysis to help companies grow. That means we generate and capture detailed evidence on who your customers are, what they need and how they act; it means we achieve a detailed understanding of your markets. We do this with analytical rigour and a clear focus on having an impact. We call this insight-driven marketing strategy.

  • Understanding customers:
    past, present and future

    • What do your customers need and want? Who are they and how do they behave?
    • What stops customers from doing business with you?
    • To what extent are you meeting their needs?
    • How satisfied are they and what is the root cause of any dissatisfaction?
  • Understanding markets:
    scale, potential and characteristics

    • What is the size of the opportunity in your market?
    • How much of that opportunity could you capture?
    • How is the market growing?
    • How is the market structured?
    • Who are the competitors, where are they strong and what threat do they pose?

Our experience

Picture of Joe Bolger at Intellexo

Joe Bolger
Joe has spent ten years working in business and marketing strategy roles, overseeing projects to gauge customer satisfaction, lower customer churn, improve existing products and develop new ones. He also has experience in market sizing and market validation, strategic planning and competitor analysis.

He has worked in group strategy teams at Guardian Media Group, the newspaper publisher, and Ascential, the FTSE 250 business-to-business media company. He was latterly Digital and Insight Director in Ascential’s exhibitions division, where he oversaw marketing strategy for all digital channels and drove customer and marketing understanding for brand teams.

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