What now for your event?

Let us help you review the health and performance of your event. Then, let’s build a strategy for the future.

Intellexo brings together the finest elements of market research and strategic analysis to help companies grow.

That means we generate and capture detailed evidence on what your audiences and customers think about your event, what unmet needs they have, the constraints they face and how their behaviour is changing.

It means we use data to interrogate and explain the performance of your event over time.

We also develop a thorough understanding of the markets you serve. We do this with analytical rigour and a clear focus on having an impact. We call this insight-driven strategy.

Six steps to a new event strategy

  • We’ll start by listening to you and your team. What is your take on the state of the event? What’s going well and where are you aware of issues?
  • We’ll analyse your data to identify trends around loyalty and the nature of your audience and customers.
  • Next, we’ll seek to understand the markets you serve. How large are they and where are the largest opportunities?
  • Then, we’ll talk to your audiences and customers – current, lapsed and potential – to get their take on the event and better understand their needs and wants.
  • Bringing everything together is the next step, creating a complete picture of your event and the people and markets it serves. The purpose is to identify a strategy to grow your event, whether your goal is increasing scale, profits, or influence.
  • If it’s relevant, or where there are still uncertainties, we’ll seek to validate our ideas, so you can be certain you have the right plan for the future.

This is a comprehensive approach, but it may be you simply need a bit of extra support in one area. We can help with that too.

What now? In the first instance, let’s have a chat to discuss your event, so we can understand a bit more about what’s important to you and how we might be able to help. Email Joe Bolger at joe.bolger@intellexo.co.uk or give him a call on 07866 128937.

Our experience

Picture of Joe Bolger at Intellexo

Joe Bolger
Joe has spent ten years working in business strategy and customer insight roles, overseeing projects to gauge customer satisfaction, lower customer churn, improve existing products and develop new ones. He also has experience in market sizing, strategic planning, competitor analysis, financial modelling and supporting M&A due diligence.

He has worked in group strategy teams at Guardian Media Group, the newspaper publisher, and Ascential, the FTSE 250 business-to-business media company. He was latterly Digital and Insight Director in Ascential’s exhibitions division.

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